Interagency Council On Adult Literacy

As the Chair of the Interagency Council on Adult Literacy (ICAL), Lt. Governor Denn carries on the tradition of past Lt. Governors by guiding ICAL toward their goal: By 2010, every adult Delawarean will have access to a high-quality, coordinated system of learning services that will enable them to make measurable gains toward achieving their goals and responsibilities as family members, workers, community members and lifelong learners.

  • JAMES H. GROVES ADULT HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM - The James H. Groves Adult High School Program opens doors of opportunity for adults and out-of-school youth by enabling them to graduate from high school and improve the options they have in life especially for employment.

  • GROVES DIPLOMA-AT-A-DISTANCE PROGRAM - The Groves Diploma-at-a-distance Program provides access for adults through distance education delivery.

  • The GED program Provides an opportunity for adults and out-of-school youth to demonstrate the skills equivalent to those of a high school graduate.

  • ADULT BASIC EDUCATION PROGRAM - The Adult Basic Education opens doors of opportunity for adults and out-of-school youth with less than eighth grade level skills to improve their academic skills, life skills and improve the quality of lives.

  • ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE PROGRAM - The English as a Second Language program opens doors of opportunity for adults and out-of-school youth with limited English proficiency skills to improve their language and life skills to improve the quality of lives.

  • EVEN START PROGRAM (Family Literacy) - The Even Start is to improve the educational opportunities of the Nation's children and adults by integrating early childhood education and adult education for parents into a unified program enabling parents to be their child's first teacher.

  • GROVES IN-SCHOOL TRANSFER PROGRAM (An Alternative Secondary Education Program) - The Groves In-School Transfer Program is to provide flexible options for in-school students to earn credit to graduate from their high school without having to dropout of school.

If you have any questions, please contact the Deparment of Education at (302) 857-3340.