In 2021, the Delaware Early Learning Advisory Committee was formed to review Delaware’s early childhood landscape and provide a final report on its findings. With support from The Hunt Institute, Lt. Governor Hall-Long and her co-chair, Associate Secretary Yvette Sanchez Fuentes – later Associate Secretary Caitlin Gleason – convened state policymakers, advocates, child care providers, and national stakeholders for a rich dialogue on the history of early childhood programming in Delaware and pathways to better our youngest learners and the workforce that cares for them. The Advisory Committee explored the state’s significant assets as well as its needs in our early childhood learning system in order to impact the greater economic, social, and physical well-being of our families. As Lt. Governor Hall-Long noted in the final report’s Message from the Chair, “investing in Delaware’s youngest learners is one of our most important tasks as leaders to uplift not only the educational outcomes, but the overall wellbeing of our communities and economy… I am committed to the long-term success of the State’s prenatal to age five early childhood system, the critical 1,825 days.